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is this blog a sideblog ^^

yes it is! ;w;

Tsukiyomi Ikuto by (x)

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This blog is the best magnificent, Tumblr whom I have never seen!The graphics and surprising, continuous so, I adore! *-*

Aww thank you so much! <333

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heeey *-* where did you downloaded shugo chara? I would like to know if it's possible >//< ~ especially from this /post/56826730013 since I couldn't find one that have these same colored lines according to the characters's colors >////< and sorry, my english is really bad >///< thank you so much!!

Oh that’s because I added the subs myself! But I dowloaded the torrent for Shugo Chara Doki from here

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OMG! This tumblr is perfect! I really love Ikuto *u*

Thank you so much! Glad you like it, better things will come soon ;))))

I've decided your blog is absolutely one of the best blogs I've seen I love it!!!!!!!!!!! >-<

wooow thank you so much!!!! i apologize for the lack of updates but i promise it’ll get better this year, thanks a lot!!!!! ;3;

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I just started to follow this account, & I fell in love completely! 💙✌️ May I save a few photos please? 😊

Thank you! and yes you can but please just save them for your personal use, don’t repost/distribute them here or in other sites, thank you in advance!

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Merry Christmas <3

Merry Christmas for you and everyone too! Thank you! ; 3 ;

Ikuto is taking none of your shit today.

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is the real owner of this acc taken?

umm i’m afraid i don’t understand your question???

my infinite list of anime boyfriends | ikuto tsukiyomi from shugo chara!

Hey ikuto, what is your favorite scene?

"Let’s see… there are countless of them. When I’m saved by Amu and transform to Seven Seas Treasure, then we get to save everyone and I receive a sign that my father is still around somewhere. Also whenever I get to kiss Amu, that will always be my favorite part."